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中兴英语面试2016-12-02 00:01:46 | #1楼回目录

一、What is your favorite sport?

I love many sports, such as Table tennis, badminton, billiards, taekwondo. But the favorite one is Table tennis, It is our nation's ball. I learn it from my father, He plays very well. Pingpang is very conveniont to play, it means we can play it within a small space, such as at home. It can train my more flexble and fast. Around a small table, you can become more strong, more smart, more fast. So I love it.

二、What is your favorite city?

Beijing is my favorite. It is the captial of our country, It is the center of our city. The places of interest such as The Great Wall, The Summer,The Forbiden City are miracles. The city's infrastructure is very good especally after the 08's Olympic. The traffic in the city is convinent. The weather is also good, I want to enjoy the four season's strong difference in a north city, and it won't be too cold or too warm. The most persuasive reason is Beijing's rapid development, particularly our computer industry.Beijing is a place to qulickly enjoy new things.

三、What is your favorite film?

<Forrest,Gump > is my favorite film, I love Gump and his mother, He is not smart but he enjoyseveryone wants to enjoy, He reaches great horner that everyont wants to have. What 's the reason? There is a saying says, You will be powerful if you have no desire. Gump just do everything like that, like his mother said:"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get". He does it just because wants to do it, but most of us always want to have specail reasons for why to do something. His mother is very important for his success. She taught him never let everybody tell him they are better than him. What a great mother! She helps him to be confident. When she is going to die, she tell him peacefully, "it's my time, it's just my time,..." What a strong and brave woman!通常认为,求职者在英语面试时,最重要的原则是诚实(honesty),也就是有一说一,有二说二,既不夸大,也不缩校这样实话实说,往往可以赢得人事经理的好感。但是,求职者如果真的按照诚实原则去面试,99%会失败。

首先要声明,为人处世要诚实,这个原则我们是赞同的,没有异议。但求职者的面试,则属于一种比较特殊的情况,需要采取一定的谈话技巧。比如人事经理问你:Why did you leave your last job?(你为什么要辞去以前的工作?),如果按照诚实原则,应当回答:My manager and I could not get along.He was driving me crazy and I needed to leave. (我跟经理合不来,他快把我逼疯啦,我必须离开)。但是这样回答之后,你肯定会给人事经理留下一个坏印象:这家伙可能是一个不太合群的人,他既然跟以前的上级合不来,说不定跟以


对于这个问题,正确的回答方法是:不要提及前任公司、前任经理的任何缺点,你可以随便找一个其它方面的理由,比如公司太远,上下班不方便等。在面试方面,我们认为,最重要的一个原则不是诚实,而是适度的恭维(moderate flattery),也就是适度地恭维你想应聘的那家公司。因此对于这个问题,按照恭维原则,应当回答:以前那家公司太小,没有什么前途,以此恭维应聘公司是一家大公司,适合留在这里长期工作。

It was a small company,not what I wanted interms of my future.

再比如,人事经理问你:Why haven't you found a job by now?(为什么你直到现在还没有找到工作?),如果按照诚实原则,应当回答:现在找工作太难啦,我看上人家,人家却看不上我。而按照恭维原则,应当回答:我对我以前的工作不太满意,所以我辞职之后进修去了,参加了一些培训,读了一些书,现在我终于知道我应当去哪里了,以此恭维应聘公司是一个有档次的地方,只有那些知书达理的人,才会认识到它的价值。

I was unhappy in my career and took time out to take some classes and read some books,and now I know where I'm going.


I have been very selective in looking for the right job and I don't want to settle for one in which I will find myself unchallenged.

最后,如果人事经理问你:What kind of salary are you seeking?(你想要多少薪水?),如果按照诚实原则,应当回答:我想要5000大洋(这种回答是面试的大忌),而按照恭维原则,应当回答:I'll consider the best offer you can make.(我会考虑您能提供的最高薪水),以此恭维应聘公司有鉴赏力和洞察力,能够根据一个职员的能力和经验,支付相应的报酬。

英语面试口语培训中会提到的口语对话2016-12-02 00:01:36 | #2楼回目录






下面就是我们在英语面试口语培训可能会涉及的口语对话: Dialogue A

(I=Interviewer 主试人A=Applicant 应试者)

I:Good afternoon.Sit down please Can you tell me what your full name is?

A:My full name is Ynming Liu.

I:How do you spell your family name?

A:Liu, L-I-U.

I: Do you have a English name?

A:Yes,sir.Is Walter.It was given by my English professor when I was at the university.

I: How do you like your name?

A: I like it very much. My name has become part of me . I don't want to change it.

I: How old are you?

A: I'm twenty-six (year old).

Dialogue B

I: What's you address?

A: My addreis 57 Heping Road ,Xuzhou.

I: Where is your hometown ?


A: my hometown is Suzhou

I:Are you a local resident?

A:Yes,I'm.I have been living in Xuzhou since graduated from university.


上外附中小升初英语面试模拟试题32016-12-02 00:00:12 | #3楼回目录

上外附中小升初英语口试模拟试题(3) Part One: Make quick responses to the sentences you have heard.(共3分)

1. Is it true that our clateacher MiWang is i1l?

2. I'm afraid I haven't got enough money for the book.

3. I had hoped that our team would win till' game.

4. I was wondering if I could borrow some money from you.

5. How much do you know about George W. Bush?

part two:listen carefully to the words i read,then i will ask you to repeat some of them.each you should repeat twice. (共4分)

attend, run away,expensive, culture, especially


What is the second and the fourth ?

part three:listen carefully to the sentence i read,then i will ask you to repeat it.each you should repeat twice.(共2分)

The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it.

Part four: Read aloud the following passage. You will have one minute to prepare and thirty seconds to read.(共6分)

Last Day At School Well, boys we’ve spent the past two years together. Very soon the bell will r...... and it’ll be time to say goodbye. I’ve handed the reports out. Martinelli’s passed. He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw his marks. This morning, his mother carefully combed his hair, making him wear a new tie that looks like an enormous white butterfly. Crippa has also got through----that tall, 13-year-old with hairy legs who is forever falling asleep and who’ll continue to fall a...... next year at secondary school. The only one to have failed is Antonelli, a boy who has s...... the whole year carving his surname on the desk with a tortoiseshell penknife; but he’s so slow that he got only as far as Anton. Next year, under a new teacher, he’ll get round to writing elli.

Part five: Part five: listen to the passage and then answer the questions orally.(共5分) Sydney is a young city. Its history goes back just over 200 years. But in Australia, it is the oldest city. It is also the country’s largest city. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and the most populous(人口稠密的)city of Australia.

The climate of Sydney is very good. It’s not too cold during the winter and not too hot during the summer. The sky is blue, the air is fresh, birds sing in the garden. People who live in Sydney seem to have an easy life style. They will tell you, ”Don’t worry .”

Many people think that Sydney is one of the most attractive cities in the world. It has many tall and modern buildings. Among them, Centre point Tower is the tallest. Standing on the 305—metre tower, you will have a great view of the city.


1..How old is Sydney ?

2.How is the climate of Sydney ?

3.How tall is Centre point Tower ?

Part six: You will have one minute to prepare and another minute to tell the story which contains at least five sentences by using 5 words given as following.( 共5分)Diaoyu Islands,argument,sovereign nation(主权国家),China,Japan

Part seven: You will have one minute to prepare and another minute to talk about the following pictures. Begin your talk with the sentence given: "Last Sunday, my classmates and I went to the countryside by bike...

(Pic.1 骑自行车去乡村玩)

(Pic.2 我的自行车出故障了)


(Pic.4 在乡村玩了一天开心回家)